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Please Read First.
Our experience with most buyers and sellers has been that in the process of buying or selling a home the uncertainty of knowing what is going to happen or what will be required causes the most stress. That is also one of the major contributing factors that causes buying or selling a home to rate in the top 5 of events that cause stress in our lives.
In follow up visits with our clients/friends after their home purchase or sale had been completed, many expressed the nagging concern that they had during the process. It was expressed most often in these terms "I don't know, what I don't know". They did however greatly appreciated the fact that we both have more than 20 years of experience. They mentioned that we went out of our way to explain what was happing and what was going to happen and that there were not supprise.  What was also valuable was that they could also rely on the fact that it would be very rare for something to come up that that we had not already had hands on experience with before.
With all that in mind we are creating this guide for home buyers to help give you a better understanding of the process of buying a home. The links here will vary from explanations and recommendations to flow charts with embedded links. Unfortunately there is no way to cover 40 years of combined exposure to all the problems that might popup. So let us know if this information helps. If you have specific questions that aren't covered here contact us we will be glad answer them.  
What you should Expect from You Agent & How to Get the Best Know This Before You Go Further Decide to Rent or Own Questions to Ask When Choosing A Lender Where to Start, What to Expect, Property Types and Setting Up Searches & Lots More Understand the Process & Know Where Your Outs Are What Happens In Escrow Closing and Possession