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How We Choose Lenders To Recommend
•It is kind of like "Survival of the Finest"
•All of our lenders have closed transactions for us and we were impressed by what they consistently brought to the table.
•If we run across someone that offers something better for our clients or a unique product and also meets all the requirement listed above we will consider them
•We also receive feed back from our clients about how smoothly everything went.
•They need to have an exceptional track record with us. If not, they are off our list and we move on to someone else.
What To Expect From Lenders We Recommend
This is a service business. They need to be able to explain why they recommend the program that they do. There are literally hundreds of loan programs available. It is not enough for them to just provide a loan. We expect them to ask a enough questions so that you get the right loan. A 30 year fixed loan is not always the best choice. It depends on what your plans are and there are many other factors can come into play. Find a lender who is willing to teach you, not just sell you a mortgage.
  • Very Competitive Interests Rate
  • Very Competitive Closing Costs
  • Guarantee Their Good Faith Estimates +- $200.00
  • Excellent Communications and Return Calls promptly
  • Been in the business Long enough to have a good track record
  • Always close on time
  • Will go the extra mile to keep our clients pleased
  • They understand that our reputation is on the line by referring clients to them and will do what ever it takes to honor that trust
  • We never receive any sort of rebate or referral fee just good service. In fact if a lender even offers something like that we will never work with them.

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