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Once you get an offer you need to decide what to do. It's not very common these days to get offers that are full price. There is a  considerable amount of skill involved in negotiating. This is the area where experience comes into play the most. There's really no way around it. 

      * You need to know what will work. 
      * When to
use what strategy when to back off etc. 
      * You need to know the correct questions to ask. 
      * Listen to the tone of the voice as well as the answers. 
      * You really, really need to know your marketing statistic.

There is so much research available that there should be on excuse not to
. For instance I write a blog for a national account that is geared just to market conditions in our area.

There are a lot of  strategies that I use but they all depend on the situations and would be to difficult to cover here.