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Lender Recommendations

Jim CarterWindermere Mortgage Services425-327-5732
Bill Haines Jr.Guild Mortgage206-949-5601
Gerri RasmussenNetwork Mortgage425-248-2319
If You Choose to Consider These Lenders
  • They make every effort on their part to make sure that you have a good understanding of the programs available and why they are recommending one over another.
  • Good faith estimates that are very accurate

  • Carefully planned approaches to mortgage lending that look after your best interests.

  • Extremely competitive rates and fees

  • At least weekly updates that provide a list of “pending loan conditions” and there deadlines

  • Communications that are quickly returned

  • That they give you as many options as they can that might be a fit for your situation.

  • No missed deadlines!

  • Track record of closing on time!

All of these lenders consistantly exceed our expectations of what would be considered outstanding service. (We receive nothing if you use them.)

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