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I you are considering a home purchase beware that all if you do any of the following it will have an impact on your credit scores. While some of these seem very mundane, if they occur during or near to the time that your are planing on purchasing your home they will affect you credit scores and may even affect your ability to close on your home. We are seeing people that had accepted a retail store's offer to get a discount by opening a new charge account either being denied or having to pay a increased interest rate. Just because it is a new item on there credit and has not had the chance to be seasoned. 
Here is a short list and is not totally complete:
(but just know that anything that comes close to these will have an impact) 
  • Changings Jobs
  • Making a Major Purchase (car, boat, jewerly, furniture, etc.) We once had a client not be able to close because they pought a new couch for the home they were going to move into.
  • Opening a new cellalar phone account
  • Taking our a new loan
  • Applyng for new credit or closing an existing account
  • Consolidating your debt

Avoid actions that may impact your home loan approval or a timely closing!