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Photos are where the buyers start first to screen properties. We consider this one of the most important aspects of marketing the home. If the photos are done correctly you may not get a second chance to have the buyers visit. What you're trying to create is a photo essay something that will tell the story of what it would be like to live here. Below are some things to consider:

  • What to show
  • What not to show
  • How many photos
  • Camera angles
  • Use the proper lens
  • Lighting considerations
  • How can you emphasize the features of the home not just the furniture?

Many agents view the photo taking process as a task instead of the incredible marketing opportunity that it is.

If you don't consider those aspects then the photos will offer little appeal to the buyers. If it were me, and an agent showed up with just a camera and a pop-up flash I would find another agent. This is not the place we want to go cheap. What you should expect is for the photographer to have an assortment of off camera lighting strobes, a tripod is a must if you want to have tack sharp images and assorted lenses. It's also not uncommon for me to shoot up to 200 photos for single 2000 square-foot house.