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Over 90%o f the population has trouble with visualizing changes. So it should not be a surprise of buyers cannot Visualizer see past things.Yes there is a cost involved in staging. But the cost of staging is a lot less than the cost of the first price reduction and at the end of the day, how would you feel if you could have done something that would've made a difference.
            Staged  Homes:
            1) Sell Faster
            2) For More Money
            3) A
ppeal To More Buyers
            4) Photos Look Better
            5) Conveys Pride In Ownership

One side benefit is that when a home is staged well agents will often take their buyers through a home even though it may not match what the buyers said they are looking for. That's because it has a WOW factor.

Don't be in the position of trying to save a few hundred dollars at the cost of thousands. The importance of first impressions is paramount. Try this step outside your door to close it, then open it and pretend you're a buyer. What do you see? What works even be better is to take photos of each room in your home.You will be amazed at where your focus is drawn. Odor is another concern. If you have pets may be used to the odors. If you have a doubt you might want to consider asking a friend what they think.