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 Key Features of Woodway & Woodway Homes
"Woodway's Comprehensive Plan describes a vision based on respect for nature and a belief in a
quiet existence on densely wooded lots..."
  Woodway Homes For Sale enjoy the privacy that is offered by being on multiple acre lots               

Verdant and flush with towering evergreens, the small community embraces its nickname as 'the Quiet Place.' Residents enjoy their privacy, seclusion and immersion in a gorgeous environment and celebrate the lush growth that only the Pacific Northwest can offer.


Woodway Homes For Sale

Woodway Real Estate offers an elite and highly desirable escape from the rigors of urban life. Sale prices seldom dip below $1 million, unless it's raw land. Architecturally, Woodway homes for sale range from quaint cottages to amazing estates; what the properties all enjoy in common are densely wooded lots. Be warned: you'll find no condos here.



Woodway Real Estate is seldom mor than just a few for sale in this community but when they do, it is an excellent opportunity to visit them.It is an easy commute from Bellevue, Redmond and Seattle, but it remains distant enough to offer a true escape from working life. Woodway is a walking and bicycling community with plenty of wooded areas (in case you hadn't already guessed!) with plentiful trails that delve deep into nature's bounty. The quiet, refreshing peace of Mother Nature is never more than a few minutes away. All the homes reflect this same emphasis on retreat and beauty.


Woodway takes its privacy and natural bounty seriously. Privacy is respected; nature is honored, and please asks before you cut down a tree! The Comprehensive Plan protects residents too: Woodway homes adhere to a lifestyle that's rapidly disappearing in the modern world, one which recognizes that high quality of living and a quiet natural environment go hand-in-hand.  Would you like to see a brief City Demographic Overview? (link opens in new window)



Woodway is a residential community, not a business district. Commercial activity is largely restricted to home-based occupations. But though you may have to drive a bit to get to the office, you are also assured a secluded, peaceful lifestyle the moment you cross the town line.

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